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Responsibilities of security guards

2018-09-26     browse: 2287
Responsibilities of security guards

Security -- safeguarding public order is a kind of enterprise and a facade of an enterprise. Through the security work can understand the company as a whole, which can be seen the importance of security work. A few security responsibilities are listed below.

One. Security guards must wear uniforms and equipment when they are on duty.

Two, the work style of the security guard should be upright, abide by the law and abide by the law, and stick to the post.

Three. The security personnel on duty need to do their own work conscientiously, check the equipment carefully, and report the problems in time.

Four, in the process of duty, we should have a keen eye and pay attention to finding suspicious people.

Five, take care of equipment, public property, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the post, do not be late, do not leave early.

Six. Be polite to inquire about visitors within the jurisdiction and register visitor information. If suspicious persons are found, they should report it in time.



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