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Turning care into motivation-Upak Group condolences all employees

2021-08-25     browse: 712
Turning care into motivation-Upak Group condolences all employees

In order to show caring for the lives of employees and to guide the grassroots work, the company leaders went to the Jiangsu area on August 21, 2021 to manage the projects to show condolences to all the employees who are struggling on the front line.

Because of the epidemic, many companies are not doing well, but the Upak Group is unexpected. Employees deeply feel the company's care. In this scorching summer, the company meticulously prepared condolences for employees.

In order to ensure the quality of the condolences, the company formulated a procurement plan in advance, and repeatedly selected branded materials and reliable suppliers. Under the high temperature of more than 30 degrees, the company leaders personally gave the condolences to every employee of each project. General Manager Mr. Liao Chunzhu said that although the weather was bad, he was very happy, because what was sent was not only the condolences, but also the company's deep care for all employees.

The condolences from the company leaders brought a bit of coolness to the front-line employees working in the heat, and inspired everyone's enthusiasm for work. The employees expressed that they would continue to carry forward the spirit of fighting high temperatures and resisting the heat, based on their own posts, and ensure that the company's orders are completed. Various tasks.


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