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During the epidemic prevention period, the security guards of Hefei Security Company did this!

2022-06-22     browse: 153
During the epidemic prevention period, the security guards of Hefei Security Company did this!

Security entrance guards, also called security guards, are a form of security guarding services. In the security business of Hefei Security Company, the doorman is a very important security work. It not only involves a wide range, but also occupies a large proportion in the security business. It can be said that it is the window of the security business. The importance of security guards not only directly affects the work safety of a unit or department, but also involves the overall security business and its image. In the current epidemic prevention situation, it is even more important!

Therefore, managers at all levels of the security company should attach importance to and strengthen the training and learning of security guards, conduct serious research and analysis on station projects, formulate appropriate duty plans, and train team members so that team members can fully grasp and correct implementation plan.

Specifically, do the following:

1. Formulate an entrance and exit guard plan

The entrance and exit guard program is the population guard duty program, which is the basis and service guide of the entrance guard. Whether the plan conforms to the actual situation of the service unit and whether the content of the plan is rigorous and comprehensive is directly related to whether the task of guarding the entrance and exit can be successfully completed. Therefore, the entrance and exit guard plan should be formulated on the basis of field investigation of the service unit and its surrounding environment, and according to the characteristics and requirements of the service unit.

   The main contents of the entrance guard program include:

(1)) Duties, tasks and methods of entrance and exit guards.

(2) The number of security guards on duty, specific positions and requirements, and shift time.

(3) The key points of entry and exit guard work, including key time periods, key control objects, etc.

(4) Security equipment and emergency measures, etc.

2. Familiar with the entrance and exit guard scheme

In order to implement the guarding plan at the entrance and exit without compromise and perform the security duties of the doorman, the security guard must fully do the following related work before taking up his post:

(1) Familiarize yourself with the content of the exit population guard program.

(2) Familiar with the situation of service unit leaders and related personnel.

(3) Memorize the internal rules and regulations of the service unit so that they can consciously abide by and strictly implement them on duty.

(4) Understand the various exit certificates used by the service unit and the color, model and number plate of the relevant vehicles.

(5) Master the safety precautions, methods of using safety facilities and matters needing attention in the exit area.

3. Prepare for work

Before taking up the post, security guards must make the following preparations according to the job tasks and work requirements:

(1) Dress according to regulations and wear security signs.

(2) Carry necessary security equipment such as communication, lighting, self-defense, etc., and ensure that they are in good performance.

(3) Prepare the guard duty register and other supplies.

Fourth, the implementation of the entrance guard

When security guards are on duty, they must perform duties in accordance with the content and requirements set in the exit population guarding plan. Specific measures include:

(1) Arrive at the designated entrance and exit post at the specified time to perform the guard task. The exit guard is a key position for the safety of a unit. It is required to arrive at the post in advance, make preparations for duty, go through the procedures for handover, and strictly prohibit being late for work and absent from work.

(2) Strictly abide by the relevant systems of entrance and exit guards and do verification, registration, reporting, shift handover, etc. as required. The exit guards have strict job functions and specific regulations, and the on-the-job personnel must be familiar with and strictly implement and abide by them.

(3) Create a good image of security guards, achieve a civilized language, standard gestures, correct posture, and full of energy. The security guard who exits the population guard is not only the guard of the unit's safety, but also the symbol of the unit's window and image. When security personnel perform the task of guarding entrances and exits, they must provide standardized services and perform civilized duties.

(4) Assist in receiving visitors. Visitors refer to those who come to the service unit to contact the work unit to discuss business or handle other matters. The guards and security guards assisting the reception of visitors should do the corresponding work according to the requirements of the service unit and vary from person to person.

①Inquire about the situation of the visitor and respond correctly. The content of the inquiry is mainly about the reason for the visit and the object of the visit. If the reason for the visit is inappropriate or the object of the visit goes out, an explanation should be given to the visitor and the visitor should be refused entry. If the visitor is unreasonable, it should be reported to the service unit for disposal.

②Check the visitor's ID card and go through the registration procedures. Before meeting the visiting conditions and allowing the visitor to enter the service unit, the security guard should verify the visitor as required. On this basis, the visitor's name, certificate name and number, work unit, contact number, and the name of the object to be sought or the work department and other information are recorded in the duty register or on the guest list. If it is registered by a visitor, the security guard should check it for accuracy.

③ Give the visitor a copy of the guest voucher and give directions to the visitor when he enters the service unit to meet the target.

④ When the visitor leaves after completing the relevant matters, he will take back the copy of the visitor's certificate signed by the person being sought, and keep it as the guard's file for future reference. If there is no signature on the photocopy of the visitor's voucher, the security guard should ask the visitor to return for a supplementary signature. If the service unit has special regulations on receiving visitors, special treatment should be made according to special circumstances. For example, if the service unit stipulates that the reception of a visitor requires the consent of the object to be sought, the security guard should seek the object's opinion by telephone after ascertaining the identity of the visitor. If you agree to receive the visit, then go through the registration and other related procedures; If the service unit stipulates that the visitor should meet in the reception room, it should lead the visitor into the reception room and wait for the person to be interviewed under the condition that the visitor is confirmed to be normal.

(5) Operate the exit population control equipment correctly. Proper operation of exit population control equipment is an essential requirement for performing gatekeeper duties. The exit population control equipment mainly includes electric mobile (telescopic) doors or gates (rods) remote control switches, button gates, etc. Security guards should master the use and troubleshooting methods of these access control equipment before taking up their posts, so as to ensure the correct and proficient operation on duty, which can not only effectively control the access personnel and vehicles, but also keep the access smooth.

The access control equipment should pay attention to daily maintenance and keep its performance in good condition. When the access control equipment fails, the guards should try to eliminate it in time to play its role in controlling the entrance and exit.

The common faults and troubleshooting methods of access control equipment are: if the electric door has a slow response to open, and the waiting time for entering and exiting vehicles is long, the electric door should not be closed too tightly when it is closed, leaving a certain gap. If the remote control switch fails and the electric door cannot be opened, use manual power to open the electric door and replace the battery of the remote control. If the electric door deviates from the track or the opening noise is loud, professional maintenance personnel should be invited to maintain the electric door. If the pole cannot be put down, it may be that the remote control is out of order (the battery should be replaced), or the magnetic substance may be dropped on the ground (which should be excluded). When swiping the card at the gate of the gate material controlled by the access control card is invalid, it may be that the magnetic properties of the magnetic card are insufficient or invalid.



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