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Upac of Hefei Security Company talks about the handling process of emergencies on duty

2022-08-30     browse: 233
Upac of Hefei Security Company talks about the handling process of emergencies on duty

Hefei Security Company Upac reminds security guards to follow the following steps to deal with emergencies on duty:

Order maintainers identify and check suspicious persons

a) Concentrate and observe carefully when on duty. b) When keeping a distance of about 20 meters from the other party, pay attention to observe the other party's facial expressions and actions. c) Observe whether the other party's behavior is cunning and whether there is a murder weapon. d) Whether the other party looks flustered during the cross-examination and whether the answer is fluent. e) Check whether the documents are forged and whether the documents are suspicious. f) Whether the clothes are neat, whether there are bloodstains, mud spots, whether they are barefooted, and whether there are any injuries. g) Whether the items carried correspond to the identity. h) When checking the other party, it is best to have two or more people and keep a certain distance from the other party to prevent the other party from suddenly attacking.

Disputes with the other party when the order maintainer is on duty

a) Due to the regulations on duty, if the other party does not understand the vexatiousness, first of all, keep calm. b) If the other party's attitude is arrogant and unreasonable, the security guards on duty should exercise restraint to avoid conflicts with the other party and prevent conflicts from intensifying. c) Explain patiently, so that the other party understands that it is not making things difficult, and strives for the other party's understanding. d) If the other party does not listen to dissuasion, harass people, or even hurt people or beat them, the team leader and sub-team leader should be notified in time to stop the intensification of conflicts, not to fight with the other party, and the perpetrators should be captured and sent to the public security organs.

Management of personal items entering and leaving the control area

a) For the bags, boxes, manufacturer's items and other materials carried by the owners, employees, customers and business personnel in the management service area, it is required to take the initiative to show the owner's (manufacturer's) shipment material release slip or shopping invoice issued by the manufacturer, and accept the order maintainer. inspection. b) Carefully check whether the documents are consistent, whether the documents are expired, and whether the documents are forged.

Vehicle shipment material management

a) For vehicles that drive out of the management service area, the order maintenance personnel on duty must carefully check whether the vehicles are loaded with goods. b) For vehicles carrying goods, the driver is required to consciously present the owner (manufacturer) shipping material release slip or shopping invoice issued by the company. c) Carefully check whether the documents are expired, whether the documents are forged, and confirm that the documents are consistent before releasing. d) How to deal with individuals or vehicles that do not match the bill of goods or do not have the owner's (manufacturer's) release note for shipping materials. e) For individuals or vehicles that do not have the owner's (manufacturer's) material release slip or the material list does not match, the duty order maintainer should first register their personal or driver's valid certificates. f) Ask the individual or driver to go back to the unit to re-issue the owner (manufacturer) shipment release slip. g) Immediately notify the foreman, supervisor, and send the person or vehicle to the Security Department.

Handling of theft cases

The thieves are committing crimes, they should be caught on the spot immediately, and they should be handed over to the public security organs together with the evidence.

Found windows and doors broken

a) Notify the team leader and teammates in a timely manner, and surround and control the location of the incident to prevent criminals from fleeing. b) Protect the crime scene, do not let people touch the traces on the scene and move the leftover items on the scene, and report to the public security organ in time. c) Timely notify the owner to be present. d) For major suspicious theft sites, detailed reports can be made to the public security organs on the situations reported by the victims and witnesses. e) Surveillance or restraint may be adopted for suspicious persons, and they will be handed over to the public security organs for processing.

Found that the person was hit

Write down the license plate number, model or color of the car, and the appearance of the driver to prevent the driver from escaping. a) If there is escape, stop the car to pursue and report to the superior. b) Rescue the injured. If the injured person is in danger of life, try to immediately send it to a nearby hospital for rescue or dial 120 to call an ambulance, and call "122" to call the police department.

vehicle collision detected

  a) If the collision of the vehicle is found on the spot, the vehicle should be stopped, and the license plate number, model or color, and appearance of the driver should be recorded to prevent the driver from escaping. Department handles. b) Protect the accident scene and prevent someone from destroying the scene, stealing, or looting the accident property. c) After the personnel of the public security traffic control department arrive at the scene, they will truthfully report the sightings. d) Keep a detailed record of the duty.

Workflow of temporary vehicles entering and leaving the field and treatment to prevent the brake lever from being hit

a) After the vehicle is pressed to the ground, press the exit button, the brake lever will automatically rise after exiting the card, and the vehicle will enter the venue. When going out, after swiping the card, the card reader will prompt how much to charge. b) How to operate to effectively prevent the gate lever from being hit. Under normal circumstances, pay attention to the passage of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. When entering the venue at the same time, signal the driver to stop for a while, and then enter the venue after the brake lever is fully lifted. Then go out, so as to prevent the gate lever from being hit.

Handling of robbery

a) After receiving the report, rush to the scene of the crime to stop the crime and catch the robber. b) Ask witnesses about the number, age, gender, face shape, hairstyle, clothing and other obvious characteristics of the robbers and the direction of escape. c) If the robber flees the scene, use the walkie-talkie to explain the direction of the criminal's escape and report to other team members and the security department (security squadron) while chasing. d) If the criminal is found to be at large, the public on the road should be called loudly to stop it. e) If the criminal escapes in a car, he can stop the motor vehicle from chasing the block or report to "110" or report to the police station. f) Do a good job of self-prevention, not only to catch criminals, but also to ensure their own personal safety, should be surrounded by many people or with more people. g) Protect the robbery scene, do not touch the crime tools and murder weapons left by the robbers, and do not let irrelevant personnel enter the scene. h) Visit witnesses, collect information about the robbery, and provide it to the public security organs. i) If the victim or the people present are injured, immediately stop the vehicle and send it to the hospital for emergency treatment, and promptly report it to the public security organ. j) Request the victim to report to the police station together.

drunk handling

a) When on duty, they should persuade the drunken person they know to leave their post with good words when they are entangled on the post; if necessary, notify the leader of the unit or their family members. b) Do not quarrel and reason with drunken people you don't know. c) Those who are drunkenly break into public places and go crazy, beat and scold people, destroy public and private property, and even molest women should immediately report to the police station for handling. d) The drunk man does not obey the restraint on the post, and dances and abuses the duty staff or pedestrians, attracting crowds to watch, obstructing the traffic and public security order, and should report to the police station in time to forcibly restrain him to sober up.



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