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Strengthen anti-theft awareness/warm tips in the New Year

As the New Year approaches,

Thieves from all walks of life in order to collect enough money for the Spring Festival

I started to work hard again

At this time, family anti-theft is particularly important!

At the end of the year, when thieves come and go, how can families guard against theft?

HopeService Security Company Youpaike Group has sorted out anti-theft martial arts scripts for you

Get up quickly and keep the thief out of the house

01 Lock the doors and windows when going out

Some thieves take advantage of unlocked doors and unmanned machines in the room to steal. All residents who go out, visit or temporarily go out to do business, even if they go out for a short time, should pay attention to locking the door and closing the window to prevent the suspect from sneaking into the house and stealing.

02 Neighbours should take care of each other

Neighborhood and neighborhood should unite and help each other and take care of each other. In particular, residents of buildings should often exchange feelings and get familiar with each other's family members, relatives and friends. If residents have been away for a long time, they should entrust their neighbors to look after the door to prevent theft.

03 Be alert when hearing abnormal sounds

Some thieves, in the name of looking for someone, knock at the door to see if anyone is there; Some repairmen and house management personnel who pretend to be heating, gas and tap water knock on the door under the excuse of inspecting the house.

When you hear the knock on the door, you should wait and see to see if the knock on the door is recognized. If you hear the sound of prying the lock, you should quietly call 110 and report to the public security organ for arrest. Or go to the balcony and shout to let the neighbors find and block the thieves. When neighbors find strangers through door mirrors or hear the sound of picking locks, they should also call 110 in time to call the police.

04 Be alert to abnormal lights

Some thieves commit crimes at night. In order to prevent exposure, they often use natural light such as moonlight and street light. But if there is no natural light, use the portable flashlight or lighter for lighting. For this reason, residents should pay attention to the observation after finding the above suspicious lights at night, and report the case immediately after confirming that they are burglars, so as to catch them in time.

05 Don't deposit a lot of cash at home

Residents should not deposit large amounts of cash in their homes. In addition to the necessary living expenses, other money should be deposited in the bank. The date, account number and amount on the passbook should be recorded in one book in case of theft, and the loss should be reported to the bank for future reference.

06 Don't Borrow Home Keys Easily

Do not leave the key of the house, nor lend it to others easily. Do not tie the key with other keys to prevent burglary after being stolen. Once the door key is lost, the lock must be changed in time to prevent accidents. Children's keys should not be hung around their necks, but should be put in their underwear pockets to prevent them from being seen by bad people.

07 Motor vehicle anti-theft

Please park your vehicle and leave after checking that the windows and doors are closed. Don't leave a lot of cash, valuables, etc. in the car when you leave your car.

08 Protect the scene after burglary

Don't enter the scene after your home is stolen. You should consciously delimit the safety area and protect the scene while reporting the case to the public security organ. So that the public security organ can find and extract various traces and physical evidence of the suspect through on-site investigation.

New Year anti-theft prevention

For your and your family's personal and property safety

Let's join hands to prevent and govern

Create a warm and safe resident environment together!



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