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Fire fighting drill of Upac Hefei Security Company

2023-01-10     browse: 3342
Fire fighting drill of Upac Hefei Security Company

01. Purpose of drill

In order to improve the fire prevention awareness of the staff of the project department, popularize the fire common sense, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents, the project department of UPAK Hefei Security Company, based on the intuitive and standardized fire drill observation, enables the staff to master the simple fire prevention and correct use of fire fighting equipment. On January 9, the project department of Blue Sky Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd. in Suzhou Industrial Park organized employees to carry out fire fighting drills and learn the correct use of fire extinguishers.

02 Hazard analysis

The Spring Festival is coming soon, which is a high period of fire hazards. Since winter, the power consumption on the site has increased day by day, and various possible factors of fire have increased gradually.

03 Use method of fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguishing tool and one of the common fire prevention facilities. The fire extinguisher is stored in public places or places where fire may occur. However, it is often neglected, and many people do not know the type and use of fire extinguishers.

Remember the four-word formula "shake, pull, hold and press" Shake: lift the fire extinguisher and shake it: pull out the safety pin of the fire extinguisher Hold: hold the nozzle and aim at the root of the flame Press: keep a proper distance, press the handle (4-5 meters in general, 2-3 meters in dry powder).

04 Types of fire extinguishers

There are four common types:

01 Dry powder fire extinguisher

It is applicable to fire fighting of oil, petroleum products, paints, organic solvents and electrical equipment. It can suppress the chain reaction of combustion and put out fire, but cannot put out the fire of light metal combustion.

usage method

When using, first pull out the safety pin (pull up the pull ring), and then press the handle to spray dry powder. Note: The fire extinguisher should be placed in a convenient, dry and ventilated place. Check whether the dry powder is caked twice a year, and replace it in time if there is caking.

02 foam fire extinguisher

It is most suitable to put out liquid fires such as gasoline and diesel, but cannot put out water soluble flammable and combustible liquid fires (such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone and other substances) and live fires. usage method

Fire-fighting drill of UPAK Security Company - 5.png

Before use, it is not allowed to take it horizontally or upside down, so as to avoid mixing and spraying the medicine in advance. When it is about 10 meters away from the ignition point, turn the cylinder upside down, hold the lifting ring tightly, hold the bottom ring of the cylinder, and aim the jet at the combustor.

Note: foam fire extinguishers shall not be stored near places with high temperature or possible exposure. Anti freezing measures shall be taken in winter to prevent freezing.

03 Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

It is applicable to put out the initial fire in places such as electrified appliances, valuables, equipment, books and materials, instruments and meters below 600 V, and the fire of general flammable liquid.

usage method

When using, pull out the safety pin of the duckbill type and press down the handle. For the hand-wheel type, remove the lead seal first, and then rotate the hand-wheel counterclockwise to spray the medicine. Note: fingers should not touch the trumpet to avoid frostbite. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher shall be inspected regularly and filled and replaced in time.

04 1211 Fire extinguisher

It is suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of flammable, combustible liquid, gas, metal and live equipment; Put out the initial fire of precision instruments, meters, valuable materials, precious cultural relics, books and archives.

usage method

When using, pull out the safety pin and hold the handle switch tightly. The fire extinguisher body should be vertical and cannot be placed horizontally or upside down.

05 Photos of on-site drill

Through this exercise, the fire safety cultural knowledge and fire safety prevention skills of the whole staff were improved, and the responsibility concept of safety awareness and safety system was strengthened. On the basis of regular fire safety education for employees, the favorable conditions created by fire safety production activities were grasped, and fire safety knowledge training and fire safety drill activities were held.

Through the training activities of fire safety theory learning and fire equipment operation, all employees can not only understand the importance of fire safety and production safety, but also be able to operate fire equipment in practice, and can well use the learned knowledge to take effective measures, thus improving the fire safety prevention ability and self-protection ability.



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